NedTrain and Anamet Europe optimising maintenance NS train materials

In the Netherlands train commuters can enjoy safe and comfortable travel thanks to the effective management of the country’s rail network by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) and their daughter NedTrain, a company responsible for maintaining and refurbishing the fleet of trains operated by NS. As part of a project involving the upgrade of one of NS’s fleets, NedTrain faced the challenge of replacing the sensor cable assemblies and connections responsible for monitoring and transmitting critical data about the condition of the wheel axle sets, braking systems and general condition of the bogies. This data is safety critical as it provides insight into the qualitative state and wear and tear of wheel sets including wheel flats, axles and the condition of a trains automatic braking system etc. With this information trains can be maintained, repaired and upgraded in a timely and planned way for the general safety and comfort of passengers and staff. Robert Adamo, Team Leader & Project Engineer NedTrain: “Anamet Europe got us on the right track to the robust and maintenance friendly protection of our signal cables against weather, wind, and stone splash.”

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