Educo gym



A pumping station that was only launched by Saniflo at the back of 2014 has already proved successful in its very first installation in Ireland at the Educo Gym in Pearse Street, Dublin.

The highly popular international fitness centre based in Dublin city caters to hundreds of regular members and so when the existing pump - which services the gym's bathroom facilities - stopped working properly before Christmas it was imperative a swift replacement was found.

Step forward Sanirish who had just taken stock of the newest and biggest Saniflo in the range ; a Sanicubic XL capable of pumping 40Im3/hr of black waste water from multiple appliances. In the case of the Educo gym the pump had to be able to service 2 w.c's, 6 showers and 4 basins all from a basement in the car park beneath the building.

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