Hala House, Hala Ltd


Brackenheath’s LED Back-Lit Panels have been installed in the head office of one of the largest Domino’s Pizza franchises in the UK.

The project at Hala House saw the head office building undergo a comprehensive modernisation as part of a relocation by Domino’s Pizza franchisee, Hala Limited.


Brackenheath’s LED Back-Lit Panels (600 x 600mm) were installed in all working spaces, offering the latest in LED technology, providing a superior and efficient light output at a cost-effective price.

As LED panels have progressively increased in lumen output over the years, glare has become a major issue in office environments. With the wellbeing of employees an important factor, the requirement to reduce glare was important to Hala Ltd.


Brackenheath’s Back-Lit Panels were chosen for their smooth and even density of computer screen friendly light, featuring a UGR<21 rated diffuser engineered to reduce glare and meet the needs for visual comfort in the workplace.

Equally LED lights that flicker, even imperceptibly, can also make it harder to work in offices, causing headaches and eye fatigue. Thanks to the special electronic control gear on Brackenheath’s LED Panels, Hala Ltd now benefit from flicker-free technology, delivering a smooth regular voltage without the issue of flicker in the workplace.

A S North Electrical Contractors based in Sittingbourne in Kent, were responsible for the electrical installation. Hannah Evans, from A S North commented: “Installation of the Brackenheath LED Panels were quick and simple. The loop-in, loop-out terminals, simplified the connection of multiple panels and reduced the need for the cost of additional wiring accessories.”


Panels are delivered complete with an external ENEC approved driver, this ensures mains power is regulated and the driver has been tested for maximum safety and effective operation, in compliance with European standards (EN).

The Panel diffuser is TP(b) rated in compliance with BS EN12464-1, meeting testing standards and verifying their ability to withstand the application of heat and fire required by regulations, when mounted into the ceiling.

Featuring a 5-year guarantee and economic lifetime, both AS North Electrical Contractors and Hala Ltd can benefit from confidence in this product.

Image Credit: Hala Limited