AMAXX Receptacle Combinations


AMAXX® receptacle combinations – suspended models now available Receptacle combinations in six different enclosure sizes that may be fully equipped – this is AMAXX® by Mennekes. In an attractive, distinctive design, in many variations for almost all applications. AMAXX® receptacle combinations by Mennekes combine energy and industrial Ethernet in one product family and have been successful for many years.

The new suspended AMAXX® receptacle combinations by Mennekes round off a unique variety and offer even more alternatives for workstation installation in industry, trade and commerce. Wherever a wall or column installation is not possible or desired, the suspended receptacle combinations may be used.

The robust enclosures offer extensive expansion options and are equipped with sockets and protective devices on both sides. The receptacle combinations are secured to the ceiling with a chain set. The suspension eyes are integrated in the enclosure and the shape of recesses allow water to run off through the bore of the suspension. A convenient handle at the bottom allows for easy insertion and removal of the plug. The suspended devices are available in various designs and may be equipped with additional compressed air connection. The many variations are well suited in particular for custom solutions. The receptacle combinations are available in silver, grey and yellow. For all three colour variants, the frame is black.

The right receptacle combination for any requirement
AMAXX® by Mennekes provides the electrician with almost infinite combination possibilities. Mennekes offers the right combination for each requirement: from the smallest AMAXX® receptacle combination with one segment, the largest with five segments to the new suspended receptacle combination.

The module plates of receptacle combinations may be equipped with sockets, switches, push-buttons or other operating and control elements. This allows the integration of control units, energy and data distribution as well as safety components in one enclosure.

The devices comply with protection class IP 44 or IP 67 and are available with CEE sockets of 16A, 3-pole up to 63A, 5-pole sockets according to various national standards. For integrated safety, RCDs, MCBs as well as Neozed fuses are available. AMAXX® is also available with switched interlocked DUO sockets up to 63A: After inserting and turning on, the plug is locked. After turning off and pulling the plug, the switch is locked.

The enclosures are made of AMAPLAST®, ensuring excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The upper housing parts are available in either electric grey, silver or yellow. The housing base is always black.

In addition, AMAXX® combinations made of AMELAN® are available, with particularly high resistance to chemicals for use in corrosive atmospheres, such as those prevailing in the food industry or in agriculture. These variants are recognisable by the dark grey enclosure cover.

All receptacle combinations by Mennekes listed in the current catalogue already meet the requirements of the new DIN EN 61439.

New standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – DIN EN 61439

The series of standards for low-voltage switchgear DIN EN 61439 (VDE 0660-600) that is also applicable for distribution boards and receptacle combinations, has been updated and places different demands on products in certain areas. As innovation leader and specialist for receptacle combinations, Mennekes has already put these requirements into practice. Therefore, all combinations in the Mennekes catalogue comply technically already with the new standard. For Germany, the transitional period of this standard expires in September this year.

The new standard DIN EN 61439 replaces DIN EN 60439 and describes the design and test specifications for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. The new standard has implications for the distribution of electrical energy in industry, domestic electrical installation and on construction sites. For each type of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assembly, two main standards are applicable in future:

The basic standard, referred to in the specific standards as "Part 1" as well as the applicable parts 2 to 7 of the standard for switchgear and controlgear assembly dealing with application specifics.

The demands on receptacle combination as part of switchgear and controlgear assembly have changed. Structure and manner of the verification have been redefined.

What has changed and what are the benefits for the Mennekes customer?

Product safety
In future, all low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies must be tested according to DIN EN 61439. The requirement of design verification is new. Design verification replaces the type test. Mennekes receptacle combinations are subjected to additional standard-compliant routine tests. The outgoing circuits are individually loaded with the respective rated current.

Benefit: This guarantees an even higher standard of safety.

Clear documentation
Meaningful product label – clearly defined mandatory information, such as rated diversity factor RDF (previously: simultaneity factor).

Benefit: The main technical product information is visible on the product label at a glance.

Clear specifications
Requests for a custom solution require clearly defined specifications by the user (such as installation site, ambient temperatures, etc.).

Benefit: The customer receives a need-based solution by Mennekes tailored to the specific application.

Distinction: original manufacturer – manufacturer
If a product is modified on site, the company in question is considered to be the manufacturer. In this case a new verification and documentation is required from this company.

Benefit: For receptacle combinations ready for connection, Mennekes is original manufacturer and manufacturer and carries, therefore, the complete product stewardship.

The new suspended AMAXX® receptacle combinations by Mennekes round off the unique variety of the AMAXX® range of products and offer even more alternatives for a state-of-the-art workstation installation in industry, trade and commerce.

In an attractive, distinctive design, in many variations for almost all applications.

All receptacle combinations already meet the technical requirements of the new standard DIN EN 61439 for low-voltage switchgear and control gear.