Altecnic release water safety issue of technical magazine, ‘Idronics UK



The second issue of Idronics UK aims to enhance industry knowledge on water safety and hygiene, including approvals, regulations, and certifications.

Altecnic, the UK's leading supplier of hydronic solutions and part of the Caleffi Group, has launched the second issue of ‘Idronics UK’, a technical magazine for members of the heating and plumbing industry.

This issue focusses on water safety and hygiene, including approvals, regulations, and certifications.

Within the issue is an insightful editorial on protecting vulnerable end users in healthcare premises, which explains how making simple adjustments in the water system can prevent the growth of pathogens within the system and protect against scalding.

This issue also features an interview with NSF Managing Director of Water Systems in EMEA, Christian Kurdy. Kurdy goes into detail on the importance of product compliance and TMV2 and TMV3 approvals in ensuring safety of end users and the system itself.

Helen Cooper, Head of Marketing at Altecnic, said, ‘Education is key for this topic and, within this issue of Idronics UK, we have presented as much relevant and accurate information on water treatment and safety as possible. We want to equip our readers with the knowledge that they need to keep their end users safe.’

The second issue is now available digitally and can be accessed when subscribed via the link https://www.altecnic.co.uk/technical-hub/idronicsuk/

Alternatively, you can request a physical copy by emailing marketing@altecnic.co.uk or by sending us a DM on one of our social pages.

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