Amendment 2 Distribution Boards from Wylex


The new range of distribution boards from Wylex is perfect for Amendment 2 applications.

Amendment 2 to the IET Wiring regulations has mandated the use of AFDDs (Arc Fault Detection Devices) in certain buildings, and it also requires SPDs (overvoltage protection) to be fitted in all electrical installations. So, there is now a new need for standard distribution boards that can easily cater for these devices.

Fortunately, Wylex has a simple solution. Wylex SP&N and TP&N boards accept AFDDs, RCBOs, MCBs & SPDs as standard. There’s no need to use any special boards or carry out any special assembly work on site. All Wylex devices are standard fit in 100A SP&N boards and 125A TP&N B Boards. No other brand can offer such a simple solution.

The AFDDs include an integral type A 30mA RCBO which means that they provide overload, short circuit, earth leakage and arc fault protection, all that protection is contained in a single module wide device that only uses one way in the board and is the same size as an MCB! Which is why installers can use standard distribution boards. No specials required.

The TPN range includes up to 24TP outgoing ways, a choice of three pole or four pole incomers, the integral pan assembly is removeable and raised from the back of the enclosure which allows cable to be routed in any direction. Neutral & Earth bars are fitted to both sides so that wiring can be kept neat and identifiable.

The SPN range includes a unique single module SPD that is 100A rated and needs no back up MCB. Which means that more of the outgoing ways are available for final circuits. These Amendment 2 boards are way ahead of the market for installation simplicity & regulation compliance. Why choose anything less?