Worlds first 1000V VDE insulated battery powered hydraulic tools!!



Klauke has again set the standard when it comes to innovation and safety in the power cable termination market.

The new Orange line of cable cutting and compression tools has been carefully developed in the R&D department in Remscheid, Germany, and thoroughly tested by VDE for a voltage withstand of 10,000 volts for safe working at 1,000 volts. The new range provides every cable jointer, lineman or contractor with an added layer of safety from electric shock.

The design of the Orange line has created an insulation barrier between the working blades/ jaws and the body of the tool. If a power cable becomes live, or the wrong cable has been identified, then the new Orange line will add a further layer of protection against electric shock.

Included in the new range are cable cutters up to 50mm dia, which can cut different cable constructions including steel wire armour, and crimping tools up to 300mm2 Cu and Al.


Download the data sheet here

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