New & Improved LED Non-Corrosive Fittings



We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new and improved range of Briticent LED Non-Corrosive Fittings and are delighted to extend our current offering to include LED Linkable Fittings to compliment our existing range.

LED Non-Corrosive Fittings

Offering a quality and reliable solution for temporary lighting, the new LED Non-Corrosive Fittings are ideal for installations on construction sites, providing wide voltage range from 100V to 240V protecting against voltage spikes.

The upgraded driver is fully accredited with current industry European safety standards and will automatically reset if voltage drops below 100V. Featuring an improved quick fix, two-part hinged LED tray design, installers can now benefit from a simpler installation.

Available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft sizes, the range includes standard, emergency and pre-wired plexo options.

LED Linkable Non-Corrosive Fittings

The plug and play design of our LED Linkable Fittings allows for a quick and easy install, eliminating the need for on site wiring and additional cabling.

Fittings come complete with 1m cable supplied on either end of the fitting to provide equal 2m distancing between luminaires, providing an even light distribution on site.

Available in 2ft, the Linkable range includes standard and emergency options.

For more information on this range, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or speak with a member of our sales team on 01582 544 544 who will be pleased to receive your call.