LINIAN FireClip™




What is the LINIAN FireClip?

The LINIAN FireClip™ is a single-component fire-rated cable fixing, for round cables, and PVC trunking. It is a quick and tidy fixing to suit any round cables from 4mm to 14mm.

How does it work?

To install, simply drill a hole, slide the clip over the cable/conduit, and insert it into the hole. No plugs, screws or washers needed!

Why should you choose the LINIAN FireClip™?

FireClips™ can save the installer time and money, and they can even save lives. With LINIAN FireClips™, you are guaranteed a quick, easy and compliant installation with an incredibly neat, discreet finish. The FireClip™ is available in an extensive range of sizes and colours to perfectly blend in with the cable.

Is it 18th Edition compliant?

Yes! The FireClip™ is 18th Edition compliant and tested to the highest standards including 90 & 120 min fire-resistance, meeting BSi and DIN classifications. It has also been tested to London Underground Standards for smoke emissions and can support a tensile load of over 24kg.

How quick is it to install a FireClip?

LINIAN FireClips™ are up to 72% faster to install than traditional methods. The FireClip™ is also available in double sizes, to conveniently install two cables side by side (saving even more installation time).

Where can you buy the LINIAN FireClip?

The LINIAN FireClip™ is available online and in wholesalers across the UK and Ireland. To find a LINIAN stockist in your area, check the online stockist map, here: https://linianclip.co.uk/pages/find-a-stockist