Pegler Proflow PICV



Ever since our establishment as a company in the 1890’s, Pegler has been at the forefront of innovation and driving the valve market forward in an ever-evolving technological climate. Moreover, we have launched the revolutionary new Pegler Proflow Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) as a solution for eliminating existing PICV heating and cooling system issues.

“One of the key aspects when developing this was to offer a solution to methods which are commonly accepted by the industry as part of the norm and something which just had to be done as part of installation, pre-commissioning cleaning and commissioning of a system to achieve efficient operation and control.” Said Shaun Burrows, technical product manager.

The Pegler Proflow PICV is fully equipped and easy to use, offering bypass mode, isolation mode and dynamic mode. The bypass mode offers a full-bore flush and back flush, preventing debris contamination of the cartridge while ensuring that pre-commissioning cleaning can be carried out in full accordance with BSRIA guide BG29 2020. Furthermore, the isolation mode ensures that system maintenance can be conducted without the need for additional valves, by a simple rotation of the head, following pin removal, and ensures that the cartridge setting is retained once the supply is re-established removing the requirement to re-commission. In addition to this, the dynamic mode allows for faster commissioning and has a visible setting indication which can be viewed with an actuator fitted.

Furthermore, the functioning of the valve doesn’t only deliver a first-class dynamic balancing valve but also offers huge time saving and cost saving benefits. In fact, compared to the traditional version, our innovative new Pegler Proflow PICV saves a total of 6 hours and 55 minutes per unit as it eliminates a large amount of risk factor and saves valuable time on installation and commissioning, compared to the traditional alternative.  

“By integrating new technologies into what is already a multifunctional product, we have ensured that efficiencies and savings are not only offered through comfort control levels within the building and system operation but also throughout the installation, pre-commissioning cleaning and commissioning stages offering benefits to all parties.” Concluded Shaun.