Save time, money and effort with Collingwood floodlights



Collingwood's distinctive floodlights  

These floodlights are like no other available today. The Collingwood residential floodlights are the most efficient in the market, and the quickest to install.  

The floodlights are colour switchable, flicker free and offer 360° rotation with an innovative first fix bracket.

High efficacy 

Our UK in-house research and development team have used their expertise to produce a market leading efficacy of up to 130lm/W, compared to a market average of 80lm/W. This vastly reduces the lifetime running costs, in comparison to traditional luminaires or even other LED alternatives.

Extended temperature

The upgraded floodlights now perform in even more extreme conditions from -40°C to +40°C on both PIR and non PIR versions.

Coastal protection 

Specific corrosion resistant, and salt mist protective, paint is used to ensure suitability in coastal environments.


With the Collingwood guarantee of high quality built to last, the standard floodlights without the PIR sensor now has a 5 year extended warranty. The PIR sensor has a 3 year extended warranty.

Discover here more features of our residential floodlights or call our expert sales team on 01604 495 151. You can also get in touch with the designers at The Studio at Collingwood, who are able to offer their expertise throughout the lighting design process, putting together full schemes based around our comprehensive range.

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