The New V-TAC Waterproof LED Fitting range for 2021


The New V-TAC Waterproof LED Fitting range for 2021
Versatile, Weatherproof Solution for Outdoor Lighting

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, V-TAC is launching 2021 with its new range of Waterproof Fittings with LEDs provided by Samsung. Adding to its already vast range of fixtures with built-in LEDs, these latest fittings are made of industry-grade ABS + Polycarbonate material for a shockproof, heat-resistant, and ingress protected (IP65) shell enclosure that is resistant to water and dust.


The notable upgrade for this specific range is the stainless steel locking clips, making each unit’s diffuser easier to install and access, yet extra secured when locked. The 20000-hour lifespan greatly lessens maintenance and replacement costs compared with using traditional lamps, and the 3-year warranty is an assurance that each unit is perfectly functioning, free from defects, and providing 100% quality performance – a V-TAC standard which you can trust for any lighting project.

Like other outdoor luminaire families in V-TAC’s extensive catalogue, the new range is compatible with emergency battery packs and microwave sensors which can be ordered separately or built with the product. With a 24-hour charging time, the 9.6V 2200mAh Ni-Cd battery can power the unit for as long as three hours in emergency situations at 6-7 watts. The fully-customisable, easy-to-install (loop in and loop out) microwave sensor is also an exciting add-on for a full efficiency boost. The rod antenna DIP switch enables an adjustable daylight threshold for the auto on/off function at dusk and dawn, flexible detection range, and varying ‘hold’ times to meet any lighting set-up requirement at locations of any size and function. The sensor has a fixed detection range of 4-10 meters (13.12-32.8 ft), but users can easily set and customise the following settings and form numerous combinations of automated settings through the DIP switch of the sensor:

Detection Area – Can be reduced to 50% or set to full (100%) as per user’s requirements

Hold Time – The time during which light will stay switched on upon activation could be as quick as five seconds, or it could be set to last for up to one (1) minute, three (3) minutes, or 10 minutes.

Daylight Threshold – The light switches on in lowlight situations (30 lux) and vice-versa. Users can set sensitivity as per need. If disabled, only the motion sensor will work.

Available in standard lengths of 4 ft and 5 ft, the V-TAC Waterproof LED fittings are powered by SMD LEDs from Samsung to provide 120 lumens per watt. This gives the range an exceptional advantage in terms of efficiency by providing more light with less power consumed – perfect for residential and commercial establishments making the shift to LED and eyeing to save more on energy cost. The opaque, milky cover allows for a softer, well-diffused light that is milder to the eyes. Besides the default controlled lighting intensity brought about by the diffusers, each model has Day White (4000K) and White (6400K) colour temperature options which are both applicable for a utility or security lighting in car parks, garages, workshops, basements, sheds, and more.

Overall, the new Waterproof LED Fittings from V-TAC is a flexible, sustainable choice of luminaire applicable to most outdoor locations and enclosed areas that are constantly exposed to humidity and dust.

To know more about the technical specifications of V-TAC’s new Waterproof LED Fittings range, visit www.vtacexports.com or call +442072991212.