RDF extend their central battery systems range


Introducing the RDF-SI-Pro Mini, Midi and Maxi static inverters from 400W to 2400W loads.


The RDF Lighting Power and Control static inverter range are designed to BS EN 50171 for use with emergency lighting applications.  There are 3 versions, each with a 3 hour duration.

The RDF-SI-Pro range all provide 3 hour back up duration starting with the Mini which is the smallest inverter providing back up for lighting loads up to 400W.  The RDF-Midi provides backup for loads up to 800W and the RDF-Maxi can provide sufficient power for loads up to 2400W.  The VA ratings of the 3 inverters are 500VA, 1kVA and 3kVA respectively.


The inverters are supplied with 12-year life maintenance free VRSLA batteries to go beyond the lifetime requirements in the British Standards.  RDF have a large range of batteries suitable for both new central battery systems and to replace batteries on central systems.  We offer services including surveys, annual battery checks and battery replacements

Inverters can provide power for standard 230V AC fittings in emergency, as long as they have been tested for compliance to the standards for emergency lighting.  Normally, the datasheet will state that any external plastics and diffusers have passed the hot-wire test to show the plastic uses sufficiently rated fire retardant materials for use as an emergency fitting.


For peace of mind, it is best to select what are called “slave” emergency lights and exits signs with inverter systems and other central battery systems.  RDF have a range of slave emergency bulkheads for use with inverters and central battery systems.  All slave products are manufactured in Europe and come with a 5 year warranty.  We have UK stock available for next day delivery.

RDF products are listed on the Luckins website here and on the RDF website at www.rdflightingpowerand control.co.uk are stocked in the UK and available for next day delivery.

Visit our website at www.rdflightingpowerandcontrol.co.uk to see the best range of emergency luminaires and exit signs in the UK, all with options including lithium long life batteries, addressable self-contained, DALI and central battery powered.  We also provide the complete emergency lighting system solutions with addressable systems, central battery systems and inverters.

Ask your wholesaler about RDF inverters, smart central battery systems, addressable systems and emergency lighting and exit signage, or contact us for more information by either visiting our website or contacting us on 0333 772 9019, or emailing sales@RDFLightingPowerandControl.co.uk