Flush Screed Floor Trunking



Tamlex flush screed floor trunking is designed to distribute and provide access to power, voice and data for screed floor applications. The floor trunking is manufactured from continuously hot dipped zinc coated low carbon steel strip to BSEN 10346:2009 for a robust and durable finish. This innovative and customisable system can be installed in new developments or an existing installation.

Our flush screed floor trunking consists of two ranges, a modular 350mm wide by 65mm deep trunking and a flush screed 225mm wide by 25mm deep trunking, both complimented with an offering of accessories to ease your installation.

Both ranges feature rubber grommets for the dividers which are supplied to be site fitted, providing increased stability, and reducing the chance of lid deflection.

Screed trunking must be installed on a solid foundation and completely supported by a screed ribbon.

Flush Screed Trunking

The Flush Screed Trunking is a shallow system at 25mm deep, manufactured again in 2m lengths however the lid sections are in 2 x 1.0m sections with fixings every 0.5m.

Flush Screed Service Outlet boxes are 69mm in depth and Intersections which are to be used for Flat Bends, Tees and Fourways are 55mm deep to allow the maximum cable capacity throughout the system.


Modular Flush Screed Trunking

The Modular Flush Screed Trunking system is designed to offer versatility within the trunking layout allowing end users the option to relocation or addition of service outlets after the initial installation is complete.

Manufactured in 2m lengths and supplied with a joining coupler, each length consists of the base complete section with removeable dividers which make up the 3 compartments and the reinforced lid which allows foot traffic.

The lids on our modular range are supplied in 2 x 0.5m and 1 x 1.0m sections to maximise on-site flexibility to further futureproof the installation.


Installation Considerations

Below are some of our installation guidelines that need to be considered when using this system.

  • Access (Existing Installations Only). Adequate space needs to be cut in the screed to allow access for the trunking system and access for installation tools.
  • Solid Foundation. Screed trunking must be installed on a solid foundation and completely supported by a screed ribbon approved by a consultant or architect.
  • Lids and Service Boxes. The galvanised trunking lids and service boxes should be in position before the screed is poured to ensure the pressure of the screed does not distort the side walls of the trunking.
  • Once the trunking is levelled and before coupling together, the screed ribbon/bedding should be packed under the trunking to remove the possibility of any voids which could create soft spots in the trunking system.
  • Take care when pouring the screed. The screed should be compacted to provide a fixed support for the trunking system and its contents. Ensure the screed is smoothly finished to the trunking lid to prevent any lines showing on the final flooring finish.

The standard ranges are available with a range of riser bends, intersections, stop ends and service boxes which are compatible with the Tamlex service plates.

One of Tamlex main strengths as a leading UK manufacture is the ability to react to individual customer requirements.  Whether the requirement is a range of standard products to be delivered direct to site or it is for a complete bespoke installation kit of manufactured products Tamlex can and has met this demand.

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