How You Can Keep Your Planning, Installation and Costs Under Control



Who would have thought that the humble GOP box would play such an important part in keeping your installation projects on budget and completed on time?

GOP boxes can be used anywhere, but are ideally suited for use in raised floors, where there is very little vertical space.

CMW has developed a new range of installer friendly GOP boxes which are quick and easy to deploy. Not only that, but these products are made in the UK, giving you a high-quality item that you can rely on.

 Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Quick 2nd fix on the lid
  • Easy to slot the gland into place
  • Bespoke design available to solve your installation headaches
  • Short lead times – no hanging about
  • Keep your budget on track – save money
  • Guaranteed quality – made in the UK
  • Complete solution with conduit assemblies, push on glands and L brackets
  • Pre-cut lengths of flexible conduit are also available

All these benefits will save you time and reduce hassle on site as well as help save you money too.

GOP boxes can be used for such a wide range of applications. Can you afford to miss out on what these CMW products can offer you?

Included below are links to our most popular models.

GOP220, GOP425, GOP432, GOP632 and GOP2725.

For further details on the full range of GOP boxes and other installation accessories available from CMW, visit the website.