Light up the night



To help you to light up the night, we have launched a brand new range of LED Lighting with integral PIR sensors.

Our LED Lights are fitted with fresnel precision lenses on the motion detectors and provide a reliable service even under adverse weather conditions thanks to their high IP55 protection rating.

Our Solutions

0LED Lamp with PIR
Our decorative LED Lamp with PIR comes in an aesthetically pleasing smooth design which naturally compliments the building it is attached to.

Equipped with IR (Infra-red) motion detection they allow the automatic control of light when movement is detected in the surveillance zone. Our lamps remain on for an adjustable period between 5 seconds and 15 minutes if no further motion is detected, switching off to avoid using unnecessary energy.

Our LED Lamp is perfect for night supervision for residential and commercial applications. During low light levels, our solution offers a security element which looks to deter unwanted visitors and provides peace of mind to the occupants.

5LED Floodlight with PIR
Our LED Floodlight with motion detector is easy to install and comes with two zones of infrared motion detection.

It has a forward looking detection zone of 220 degrees as well as a 360 degrees creep zone to detect movement underneath the sensor. Our LED Floodlight is suitable to be fitted in building facades facing out or other structures to provide the required illumination.

With its modern design, our LED Floodlight is suitable for a range of applications such as residential, commercial, education and leisure.

Innovative Installation

Installing our range of LED outdoor lamps with motion detectors is made easy with our innovative installation technique using pin-contacts.

Once the base plate is fixed to the wall and wired, the motion detector can then be simply clipped on and secured by a screw. This way the device can be installed faster than ever before.

Set at your convenience

The settings for both of our LED lamps with outdoor motion detectors can be performed at the front of the device or via a remote control (EE806) which also offers the control of additional settings. This is handy if several detectors need to be programmed at the same time or are in hard to reach areas reducing the risk of injury from working at heights and dangerous areas.

Find out more about our LED FLoodlight and Lamp here