More products packed into Niglon’s Control and Automation catalogue


C & A catalogue

More than 150 new product lines have been added to Niglon’s specific Control and Automation catalogue.

Not only does the latest version of the catalogue boast more than 500 products, each also has a QR code which links directly to the technical information about that product – meaning this vital data can be accessed on the go.

In addition to the extensive range offered, Niglon also provides a bespoke service for their Control and Automation products – whether a customer is seeking a non-standard size enclosure, wants the position of a switch changed, specific parts pre-installed into a board, or a higher rated amperage than listed.

And, following suit with the main Niglon catalogue which was released at the start of October 2022, the catalogue has also been resized and the layout updated to make it easier than ever to access.

The catalogue can be accessed online at www.niglon.co.uk or a printed copy can be requested by emailing sales@niglon.co.uk – digital and printed copies of the main catalogue, which includes all 4,500+ products, can also be obtained via these methods.

Niglon is a fourth generation family-owned and family-run company which specialises in supplying high-quality, vigorously tested and fairly priced products to wholesalers across the UK – offering control and automation alongside circuit protection, earthing, wiring accessories, installation essentials, industrial accessories, cable management, lighting and control, and fixings and tools.