Further Investment into British Manufacturing


As a long-established British manufacturer, Olson have recently invested in the machinery and plant equipment to enhance on-site capabilities and flexibility. The result of an 8-month procurement process, with multiple consultations to ensure we specified the most efficient machine for our needs, saw the investment and installation of a new brand Trumpf TruPunch 1000.

Our new machine stands proud at the heart of our metal shop, covering an impressive 6.5m x 5.4m floor space. When transporting the machine into the factory it came through the shutter doors with 7mm to spare!


The new Trumpf machine provides us with the on-site ability to punch a large amount of ferrous and non-ferrous metal up to 6mm thick as well as some plastics. The sheet material can be up to 2.5m x 1.25m in size, effortlessly loaded onto the machine and self-located by the software into the correct starting position. We also now have more flexibility in component choice as previously we would have required dedicated tooling.

This latest investment will replace existing mechanical power presses and fly presses within the metal shop and take on the responsibility of processing up to 3 tonnes of steel per month. Increasing the efficiency of this section within the manufacturing process and enhancing productivity by 30% will keep our on-site powder coating team nice and busy.


The short term aim for this investment is to produce all enclosures for our extensive product offering through this one machine. To achieve this, our designers have been working in the background to ensure all drawings are ready to be uploaded into the machine.

The focus is always about continuous improvement, with this machine we now have the ability to cut down the number of processes and reduce the handling time in the production of our products as well as produce large batches of product with minimal set up times. For our customers, this means quick turnaround times on large orders or custom made power distribution solutions.

This investment further magnifies our commitment to not only British manufacturing, but also the quality of our Olson products. For more information on our standard product offering or to discuss a custom made solution please contact our sales team with your enquiries.