Rising demand for electric heating predicted


underfloor heating

Industry leaders Amber Underfloor Heating forecast a particularly busy autumn for their electric underfloor heating solutions. This is due to the ongoing challenges consumers need to tackle associated with gas boilers.

Gas heating has come under fire this year after growing concerns with its cost, sustainability and longevity. Subsequently, industry experts Amber Underfloor Heating are expecting an increased interest in their electric heating solutions this autumn. Meeting the rising demand for electric heating.

“The colder seasons are always busy for us. But we believe recent challenges surrounding gas heating will have a significant impact on the interest in electric underfloor heating this year” says Steven Rooney, Director of Amber Underfloor Heating.

One of the biggest challenges for the gas heating industry is soaring costs. The wholesale price of gas has doubled since the start of the year. While electricity prices have risen by around a third in comparison. Making it a more appealing choice to budget-conscious consumers.

Additionally, with experts seeking to break the link between gas and electricity prices – and renewables now generating around 40% of the UK’s electricity demand instead of gas – electricity prices could be set to fall.

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