How To Remotely Operate Garden Lighting And Features


You can use more than one transmitter to operate the same lights/features and they can be a mixture of fobs, wall switches, PIR detectors etc.

Two types of garden receivers are available.  The ESR1 is a single circuit switching receiver and the ESR4 will switch four circuits.

wiring diagram

How To Remotely Operate Garden Lighting And Features

You can use any of the EasySwitch transmitters to send a signal to a receiver to operate outside lighting manually or at a set time.

To operate outside lights or features from inside the home you can opt for a wall switch transmitter (EST1). Here you can position a switch virtually anywhere in the home without the need for cabling.  The EST1 is battery powered and fits behind most conventional light switch plates. The receiver can be positioned inside or outside and when the transmitter code has been learned, they will operate remotely.   Alternatively, you can use a key fob to operate outside lights and features.

If you want lighting or garden features to come on automatically at a certain time you can use another EasySwitch transmitter (EST4HVAC) which is a mains powered and mains triggered transmitter.  This product has 4 inputs to control up to 4 devices.  This product is usually used to retrofit heating systems to control valves and pumps when cabling is not feasible.  Connecting a mains time clock to one of its inputs you will facilitate remote automatic lighting control.

The transmitter and receiver can be sited up to 100 metres from each other.