Which type of USB charging socket should you fit for faster charging?



The demand for faster charging of devices has led us to new USB standards, and with it an increased requirement for fitting sockets with USB charging capabilities. However, popularity is now set to rocket because of changing EU regulations. In a move to reduce electrical waste, battery-powered devices will no longer include a standard white block plug-in charger.

Gavin Williams, Sales and Marketing Director at Hamilton, discusses what this means for the contractor, and how 13A USB charging sockets and Euro Module charging solutions can keep contractors and their customers ahead of the curve.

We all have those drawers full of odds and ends, and one item that’s sure to have a home there is the block plug-in USB charger. Until now, they’ve come as standard with battery devices that need charging, so in fact most people normally have a lot more than one laying around. Eventually, when the drawer gets full, they end up as e-waste.

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