Xpelair launch new compact MVHR solution


Xpelair Ventilation Solutions has launched the Xcell Compact XR – one of the smallest and most energy efficient MVHR solutions on the market.

Part of Xpelair’s popular Xcell range, the new Compact XR has been specifically designed to be exceptionally small, offering installers the opportunity and versatility to fit the solution into the increasingly tight ceiling and loft voids of modern homes.

The compact profile of the unit means that users no longer have to compromise when it comes to their ventilation needs, as it eliminates the loss of valuable storage space that was often the case with other MVHR solutions. This means that installers can confidently suggest and specify the Compact XR safe in the knowledge that space is no longer an issue.

Despite the small dimensions of the unit, the Compact XR does not compromise on performance. Key efficiency features include EC motors, backward curved impellers and its ability to recover 91% of heat from extracted air. This has seen it being recognised in SAP Appendix Q. The range is also EST Best Practice compliant and meets and exceeds all the latest legislative requirements.

The unit is available with a number of sensor options including passive infrared (PIR) controls, air quality sensors and remote humidity sensors with variable humidity band speed control that can help ensure the right levels of ventilation and moisture control at all times. There are also six live inputs for boost functions, along with a further two that can be used with PIR controls.


Uniquely, the Compact XR’s internal PCB has a number of additional facilities if required, such as a built-in humidistat connected and controlled directly by the board and a 12V input connected to a fire alarm system.

If the system registers a 12V supply signal from the fire alarm system it will continue running but if this signal is lost the Xcell Compact XR unit will automatically shut down. Once the signal is restored the unit will revert to its boost setting for a pre-determined period of time to purge the building before adjusting back to the normal running speed.

Steve Mongan, Head of Marketing at Xpelair, commented: “We have worked hard at our state-of-the art facilities in Peterborough to bring a MVHR solution to the market that meets and exceeds installer demand for a small and easy to install solution, whilst also ensuring that the user is provided with a highly efficient solution.

“The versatile nature of the Compact XR also means that it is suitable for a number of applications including 2-3 bedroom houses, apartments and light commercial properties such as offices, hotels and blocks of flats.

“The fact that the solution is our most efficient and smallest MVHR unit to date is testament to our expert team and the investment we make in R&D and production. The introduction of the new Compact XR ensures that Xpelair continue to raise the bar in the ventilation industry.”