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Trimble Luckins are proud to announce that alongside our industry standard TSI code unique identifier, we are now an approved GS1 UK partner for our Luckins data service.

GS1 states “We are thrilled to approve LUCKINSlive for the use of the GTIN. Our GTIN standard plays a vital role in the unique identification of products, assets and materials, allowing fully interoperable, trusted data to be captured and shared seamlessly across supply chains”. 

For Luckins customers, regardless of the system being used, this change means that all GTIN codes now syndicated by our services and  are guaranteed to be valid, authorised codes issued by GS1. This will ensure that the most up to date accurate data is always available when required.

GS1 are the only official provider of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), also known as EAN, UPC or barcodes. The GTIN, the number you typically seen under barcodes, is used to uniquely identify billions of products around the world. Whether in store, online or on site, the GTIN provides an accurate and efficient way to access and share information about a product.

By empowering stakeholders to make more informed decisions, adapt to shifting industry demands and meet new regulatory requirements, the GTIN has the potential to function as a fundamental building block for powering traceability, boosting efficiency and improving safety across the construction sector.  

“We are looking forward to working closely with our partners at Luckins Trimble to support its adoption, keeping industry informed and consumers protected with data they can trust.”  State GS1 UK

Manufacturers who have GTIN codes available, please forward to your Luckins Account Manager, and we will update/include in our services.

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