Bespoke PDUs for Garran Lockers


RPP                  RPP

The PDUs were integrated into the side of each locker.  This facilitated access to each set of connections for each individual user.  A further compartment at the bottom provided access to an RCBO acting as the master switch but with additional overload and RCD protection.

“RPP were able to produce drawings and samples as we developed this product.”, commented Corporate Development & Bids Manager Paul Heare, “This assistance ensured we provided the client with a product that exactly met their requirements.  With both Garran and RPP manufacturing bespoke products, flexibility & development are essential to satisfy the ever-evolving requests of our customers.”

The units are manufactured from mild steel with integral sloping tops – dimensions being 200/2100mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm deep.  All the locker doors & bodies were perforated to allow any heat that is generated to disperse.  A CS canister holder was also added to the rear of each door.