Underfloor Power Distribution TamTrak


Tamlex    Tamlex

Space Solutions, experts in workplace design have recently refurbished a building in Arbroath that had been disused for over ten years for Journeycall Ltd.

Intended for the production and management of smart transport control systems, including the Oyster card for London Transport, the building will also operate as a call centre, handling all aspects of customer orders and enquiries.

To supply all the underfloor power distribution the Tamtrak range from Tamlex, a steel cable management  company in Telford, was chosen for its ease of installation and flexibility. The 63 amp bus bar track is easily expandable with fully screened end feed units and colour coded tap-offs to offer single and three phase with clean and dirty earth configurations. Tamtrak offers 4 systems to choose from being Standard, Clean Earth, Single Phase and Three Phase which are individually colour and key coded for safety with end feed units that have been designed with more space inside for easy connection and termination of SWA cables. Safety and reliability is a high consideration as the installation is largely hidden once the area is occupied.

“We have used Tamlex products before”, says Ian McKenna, of installation contractors McKenna Electrical Ltd., “we like the fact that they are a British manufacturer with good design and quality built into the product”.

Around 150 new staff will be employed on completion which will give a much welcome jobs boost to the Angus area.