The Chubby Cherub



“Creating comfortable, attractive scenes and settings is our way to entice customers into our restaurant. We have many events going on and each one needs tailored lighting. Therefore, smart lighting was perfect for us; it saves money as well as transforms our spaces ” Eamon McCusker, owner of The Chubby Cherub.



Belfast, Northern Ireland


The Chubby Cherub





Eamon McCusker is one of Northern Irelands’ well known entrepreneurs who owns restaurant chains throughout Belfast. Keen to use lighting to enhance his new restaurant, The Chubby Cherub, and create various moods to attract customers, transform the venue for different types of events and create ease of use for staff, Aurora was approached to provide a smart solution.


The Chubby Cherub was looking for a cost effective LED dimming system that could easily be tailored to attract customers and tailor spaces to enable different events taking place at the restaurant. Ease of use by staff members was also a priority. 

Aurora recommended the AOne Smart Lighting System, which, once installed, allows small businesses such as restaurants to easily manage their lighting from the touch of a switch, phone or remote control. The functionality of the AOne was extremely appealing to the client as it allowed scene setting, which was ideal as it required minimal input from the staff with scenes being set by a single button push on the app and could be scheduled when lighting changed.

This smart install, which was straight forward was a first for the electrician so he took his time with the controllers being wired into circuits that were wired to other appliances such as extractor fans and PIRs.

Enlite Lighting products that were selected for the install included candle lamps, which were placed above the tables, and LED strip controllers, which was used to highlight areas where cupboards and shelving were on display. To transform the restaurant into one that was smart was the Aurora AOne 320w inline dimmers.


Upon completion of the install, the staff were surprised at how easy the system was to manage. They were able to easily change settings and manage schedules to ensure appropriate lights were switched on, off and dimmed to accommodate changes in daytime lighting and events.

“Our restaurant looks more vibrant than we had expected and the changes in lighting really allow us to set the mood in line with our events and activities. Smart lighting has really lived up to the hype and certainly made an impact on us. We are extremely pleased with the result and wouldn’t hesitate to install this system again in the future,” says Eamon McCuster, owner of The Chubby Cherub.