5 questions to help you choose the right downlight


With over 20 downlights in our range, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. If you’re working on a project and can’t decide which to use, answer these questions to make sure you match your downlight and project perfectly.

1 - Where are you aiming the light?

If you need to angle your light we have a number of solutions. For light fixed at an angle, the asymmetric H5 500 and H5 1000 are ideal for lighting artwork and walls.

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If the focus of the light is likely to change regularly or if flexibility of light direction is key, adjustable lights may be the answer. For a full 360° tilt, choose the H4 Eyeball, for 20° in each direction choose the H4 FF or H4 Pro 700 T.

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If you’re lacking artwork to highlight, create some yourself by setting the lights close to the walls to create scallops of light.

2 - Are you creating an atmospheric environment?

Our entire Pro range and the DM01 are available with a CCT of 2700 kelvin, creating a halogen-like warmth in a space that’s perfect for cosy living rooms and bedrooms, where practicality is less important than ambience. Combine with a dimmer switch for an extra level of atmosphere.

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3 - Are you installing downlights in a kitchen or bathroom?

For an environment where there is risk of splashes, such as a kitchen, an IP rating of at least IP44 is essential. In bathrooms, the IP rating you need is dependant on the zone it will be installed in. View page 289 of our catalogue for more information on bathroom zones. For lights suitable for zone 1 look for IP65 and for zone 2 look for IP44.

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4 - Do you want to recreate the look of a traditional halogen lamp?

For the look and feel of a traditional halogen lamp, with all the benefits of an LED, our single source downlights are ideal. Try the H2 Pro 700H4 Pro 700 T or H2 Lite.

5 - Are you retro-fitting 50W halogens?

At 400 lumens, the H2 Lite is the perfect low-energy replacement. Equivalent to a 50W halogen, it not only has a longer lifetime, but will also cut down energy bills. Use our Cost Savings Calculator to find out how much can be saved and watch our H2 Lite video.

To view our entire downlight range click here. For deciding where to place your downlight read our blog post.

If you have any further questions about which downlights to use, our Lighting Design and Sales teams are on hand to help, call us on 01604 495151 or email sales@collingwoodgroup.com.