Effortless intelligent lighting


Building owners and operators have long appreciated the aesthetic benefits of lighting control and its tremendous potential for saving energy.  However, take-up has been hindered by retrofit difficulties which made increased investment necessary, a surge of occupant discomfort affecting productivity, and further integration issues when building management systems were planned without interoperable equipment. Help is at hand however, as the latest generation of SylSmart Connected Building from Sylvania addresses these challenges and offers lighting control for new-build and retrofit applications that truly delivers on the promise of a ‘smart’ lighting solution.

At a time when the world is beset by challenges on all sides, including climate change, new working practices which are emerging that demand companies and buildings to adapt to a new ‘normal’. Considering this, new lighting products must, above all, demonstrate their versatility and energy saving credentials. SylSmart Connected Building stands out in both counts.

Pierre Taing, Director Smart & Beyond Lighting for Sylvania explains: “The new generation of SylSmart Connected Building is our most advanced smart lighting solution for professional in-office applications, and offers significant benefits through its feature-rich design, maximising both occupant comfort and energy efficiency. The use of Qualified Bluetooth® mesh matches perfectly with Sylvania’s ambitions to provide a sustainable and secure ecosystem to support buildings becoming smarter and setting the foundation of an exciting future for smart lighting.”

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