NEW: Hamilton’s Supercharged 45W USB-A&C Sockets!


Hamilton supercharges its double-switched sockets with NEW 45W (3A) Type-C / 18W (3A) Type-A USB ports

Meeting consumer demand for faster, more convenient charging of electronic devices, Hamilton is excited to launch our NEW Combined USB 45W Max (3A) Type-C / 18W Max (3A) Type-A double-switched sockets.

Awesomely amplified

An amplified rating of a 45W (3A) Type-C and 18W (3A) Type-A enables charging of USB devices at full capacity within the quickest time, via a standard 13A double-switched socket.

And the really smart thing about the charger is the way it auto-detects the optimum charging capacity of any device plugged into the charging port and adjusts the current delivered, accordingly – making smart use of the power available.


Power thirsty

With smart devices now processing more data than ever before, due to the number and type of apps being used, media consumed and tasks undertaken by their users each day, their insatiable thirst for power has multiplied. This, combined with the need for hand-held tech to be ‘always on’, means that the time taken to recharge becomes as much of a concern as the ability to recharge in itself.


Faster charging

An increase of 0.6Amps between the standard 2.4A and Hamilton’s NEW dual 3A combined USB-A&C sockets sees devices such as iPhones now achieving 50% charge in just 30 minutes or 100% in 1hr 55 minutes. Similarly, a MacBook Pro is able to achieve 50% charge in 58 minutes or 100% in 2hrs 20 minutes, when plugged into the Type C outlet on a 2 gang switched socket.

Doubling up

The combination of the original USB-A port used by older or larger devices such as laptops and tablets, with the new, faster USB-C port enables the simultaneous charging of two devices without any loss in power.


Available now

As well as bespoke custom-made orders, the new dual 3A combined USB-A&C double-switched sockets are currently exclusive to the following Hamilton collections: Hartland, Hartland CFX, Hartland G2, Sheer, Sheer CFX and Sheer G2 – available in 15 plate finishes, with white, black or quartz grey trim inserts.

Ideally placed beside the bed or above a table or desktop, they make the ultimate convenient and discrete charging station – making that melee of cables and unsightly charging blocks a thing of the past. An absolute must for any hotel, office or domestic setting.

For more information, please email: uksales@hamilton-litestat.com