ABB launches MovionĀ®


movion header image

  • New flexible emergency lighting range cuts installation time and cost

  • Highly flexible and adaptable with mounting system that works with all types of track adapter available

  • Hybrid solution can combine escape route signalization and lighting into one product

ABB is launching the innovative and easy-to-install modular emergency lighting range, Movion® – bringing time and cost savings to commercial applications such as offices and retail, as well as schools, restaurants, and hotels. The range is available in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK.

This comprehensive new escape route signalization and lighting line features a clever modular design suitable for a variety of applications, including recessed and surface mounting, as well as walls and ceilings. In addition, the exit signage can switch from ceiling to wall mount by simply changing the position of the electronics box 90 degrees. Impressive lighting performance is delivered with bright escape route signalization equal 500 cd/m2 distribution on the pictogram and good spacing performance.

The range provides better cable access and terminal connections for quick and easy installation, while offering a new track mounting option using a 3C interface for mounting to any type of track adapter available on the market, making it highly flexible and adaptable. The batteries are also simple to replace which again reduces maintenance time.

Commenting on the launch, Gerben Achterberg, Global Product Manager of Emergency Lighting in ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings division said: “Lighting is critical to evacuating buildings safely in the event of an emergency and our customers are under pressure to reduce waste while improving efficiency. With Movion®, we’ve developed a clever solution that will reduce installation times and total cost, while enhancing, rather than compromising on, performance.”

For installations where there is a need to optimize the number of luminaires, ABB has developed a hybrid Movion® version, which combines escape route signalization and lighting into one product. The solution can be used to provide one lux as escape route lighting and five lux on safety equipment. For these specific applications, different lenses are available, and both are supplied with the product. On site, the lens can be rotated to adjust to the actual situation, or the escape route lighting lens can be replaced by the lens designed for illuminating safety equipment.

Movion® delivers impressive lighting performance with bright escape route signalization equal 500 cd/m2 distribution on the pictogram. The new lighting range also offers good spacing performances, for both escape routes and open areas.