New Smart Socket Kits added to ClickSmart+ range


CS+ KitsScolmore continues to develop its ClickSmart+ home automation range and its latest additions will bring even more accessible smart technology solutions to market.  A range of new ClickSmart+ Smart Socket Kits have been launched bringing together essential components in one handy box allowing users to maximise and simplify connected products in all areas of their homes.

One of the most popular uses for a smart plug is to control lighting as a visual deterrent for intruders. The scheduling feature available on the new Click Smart+ Smart Sockets, allows devices to be turned on or off at certain times to suit, for example, while the house is empty.  Other uses can include operating devices such as electric heaters, fans and radios to name just a few.

Available in Scolmore’s popular Mode white finish, the range comprises a 13A 2 Gang Smart Socket Kit, a 13A Plug-in Wi-Fi Smart Socket Kit, and the Aquip66 13A 2 Gang Outdoor Smart Socket Kit.

13A 2 Gang Smart Socket Kit - this includes a ClickSmart+ Hub and 4 x 2 Gang Smart Sockets.  The Click Smart+ Hub utilises Zigbee technology, one of the most widely adopted smart home technologies.  The Hub communicates with the individual sockets through a mesh network which creates multiple pathways for the connection of multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range.

13A Plug-in Wi-Fi Smart Socket Kit – this includes 4 x 13A Plug-In Wi-Fi Smart Sockets.  These smart sockets do not require a hub but are simply plugged into a standard socket and connected to the Wi-Fi to offer connectivity to a range of appliances, such as lamps, radios, kettles.

Aquip66 13A 2 Gang Outdoor Smart Socket Kit – this includes a Smart Hub, 1 x Mode 13A 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Socket and a 2 Gang Waterproof Enclosure.  This kit allows the connectivity of devices being operated outside the home such as outdoor lighting and outdoor features.  

These smart products can be controlled through the ClickSmart+ app and can also be controlled through voice control via an Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker.

These latest additions are featured in the updated ClickSmart+ brochure, which showcases the entire ClickSmart+ Home Automation range which includes smart sockets, smart security, sensors and receivers.  The 31-page brochure can be downloaded from the Scolmore website – www.scolmore.com and from the Scolmore Group app