New Elucian REC Isolator Switch from Click


Elucian range

Click Scolmore continues to expand its Elucian consumer unit range to provide electricians with the broadest possible range of units and protective devices to cater for all installation requirements.  The latest addition to Elucian is a new REC Isolator Switch, which is designed to make the connection of consumer unit tails to the electricity supply highly secure as well as much easier and more convenient.

In several regions of the UK, REC isolator units have become an integral component of the residential power supply setup. These units feature a front cover divided into two segments, allowing contractors and supply authorities to securely seal and lock off their respective ends, effectively thwarting any unauthorised access. This arrangement not only enhances security but also proves to be a time- and cost-saving measure. By enabling the connection of the supply tails directly to the REC unit, it obviates the need for repetitive visits by contractors and supply authorities to establish the final connection, thereby streamlining the process.


Unlike most REC units which do not come with a lid, Click has kept the design of the Elucian version in line with the rest of the Elucian range. The lid is also compatible with CUELOCK which can also help ensure that there is no unauthorised access to the entire unit.  The lid can be propped open using the rotatable tab to allow the split covers to be removed without being impeded.

The unit includes 100A Mains switch and SPD module.  It features 6 x 32mm knockouts, and a 60mm x 60mm square knockout in the back which is compatible with CUCEPS. It also has 2 x metre tail clamps to secure cables coming and going from the main switch.

The Elucian by Click range can be viewed on the Scolmore Group website – www.scolmore.com  - as well as on the Scolmore Group app.