Crabtree Extends its USB Charger Product Range



Crabtree has extended its range of socket outlets that incorporate USB charging to include type C USB outlets. The new products are additions to the Instinct range and the Capital range of white moulded wiring accessories. With USB power output up to 20 Volts and 30 watts, charging applications are much greater and can include more higher demanding devices such as Laptops.  A recent parliament law was passed that states in 2024 all phones and small devices must be compatible with a universal charger, that charger is USB-C.  With the majority of devices only supplied with a charging cable these socket outlets provide a perfect fixed, safe and tested solution for connection of modern devices.

Type C USB Sockets

USB outlets combined with 13A sockets have been around for a while, typically they include Type A USB charging outlets but the new products from Crabtre include Type A and Type C.

Product features include:

Single and twin Gang switched sockets,

Variable Voltage Output 5V,9V and 12V for 20 Watt Models,

Variable Voltage Output 5V,9V,12V and 20V for 30 Watt Models,

Increased voltage allows charging of more power hungry devices such as laptops,

Shared charging with a maximum of 3 Amps from 1 outlet.

Compatible charging protocols:

Power Delivery (PD)

Programmable Power Supply (PPS)

Quick Charge (QC)

All sockets are fully compliant with BS1363-2