Diamond Lock Tie



A new flexible cable tie with built-in memory has been developed by cable management specialist HellermannTyton, suitable for industrial applications and temporarily securing cable harnesses during transportation.

The company’s Diamond Lock Tie is a soft and versatile fastening solution, which is both releasable and re-usable when used in a range of applications. The product has a unique stretch diamond shape, which delivers a strong and durable grip, while its soft-grip strap enables organisations to protect cables from chafing and other damage. The initial concept for the Diamond Lock Tie came from close working relationships with clients within the horticulture sector, where the requirement was to develop a fastening solution for holding together bare root tree saplings once lifted from the ground, in cold storage and during transportation. This unique product was further developed with a range of other applications and industries in mind, but with focus on securing multiple cables for heavy machinery and equipment, and for harnessing goods during movement.

Manufactured in the UK, the Diamond Lock Tie delivers a range of benefits from the specialist material used to manufacture the product. Not only does it provide strong tear resistance, it is also resistant to abrasion, hydrolysis failure and oxidation. The cable tie also remains chemically stable when exposed to many solvents and offers good UV resistance, making it suitable for use in a range of diverse markets and industries such as horticulture, chemical processing, rail and automotive.

The product’s automatic self-locking feature makes installation simple, while the innovative design of the Diamond Lock Tie means that it can be adjusted and released quickly and easily. It is when the cable tie is used to secure temporary applications that require a releasable fastening that it is most effective though.

The Diamond Lock Tie has been specially designed to be durable and hard wearing even when being used repeatedly. It was manufactured following demand from our customers for a fastening that balances security with protection. The result is a premium product which offers a secure grip whilst protecting vulnerable cables during application. 

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