Freedom to Print Everywhere



THE MARKINGENIUS®MG4 is an industrial labelling printer designed to offer high quality and long-lasting printing for text, logos, electrical symbols, QR codes and all kinds of vector images. Equipped with a ribbon save system, a useful function that allows you to consume only the ribbon needed for printing.

Its reliability and robustness mean that the MG4 can be used intensively, making it suitable for all kinds of applications.

The large on-board touch screen enables quick and easy management of print projects.

Each monochrome ribbon can print more than 300,000 MG-TPMF 4x10 mm labels.

MG4 can be used with both a mains power supply and with CEMBRE CAS Alliance rechargeable batteries: the machine can be used in the office, in production and also on site, right in front of the panel to be wired.

The interchangeable battery, which can power both MG4 and all CEMBRE tools, allows full portability of the printer.