FuseBox double and triple bank consumer units: Getting you out of a tight spot!



When working with tight spaces and the need for a double or triple bank board arises, the simple, compact, and functional design of FuseBox circuit protection comes into its own.

Supplied with T2 SPD as standard

As with our single bank boards, all FuseBox double and triple bank boards are supplied with T2 SPD as standard to offer you and your customer, convenience and peace of mind. T1 SPDs are also available upon request.

We can also supply units with Dual Tariff layout, without surge protection or as an empty enclosure – to offer you maximum flexibility.

Up to 45 usable ways

The FuseBox double bank board offers a maximum of 30 usable ways while the triple bank board offers a maximum of 45 usable ways – ideal for housing all din modular accessories such as a bell transformer and installation contactors.

A choice of knockouts

As with all FuseBox consumer units, a choice of knockouts on all faces, as well as the rear of the box, provides the electrician with the autonomy to select the perfect aperture to facilitate cable entry.

Easy cabling and testing

Earth and neutral terminal bars on each bank as well as a generous sized enclosure with removable din rail making first fix, cabling, and testing easier and quicker.

Complete compatibility

Our double and triple bank boards are compatible with all FuseBox devices and accessories.

Quality, robust design

The strong, galvanized 1mm steel enclosure provides installers with the peace of mind that the unit will stand up to the rigors of installation, servicing and use over time.

Finished in RAL 9001 (Cream White) and complete with tail clamp, accessory pack, and captive screws on the front cover, FuseBox double and triple bank boards retain the same quality, robust design of their single bank counter parts.

When circuits get complex, and space is a bit tight; think FuseBox for an installer-friendly solution.

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