The H2 Lite T - new and improved


Following the successful launch of the next generation H2 Lite, we’ve conducted extensive research and testing, and collected valuable customer feedback, to create the new H2 Lite T.

For reduced time on site and ‘straight out of the box’ functionality, the H2 Lite T is now insulation coverable and comes with a push-fit terminal connector for easy install.

And, for our latest innovation, a fresh design approach has also enabled us to reduce the wattage to just 4.4W, whilst maintaining the same light levels: creating a market-leading efficacy of over 100lm/W.

Plus, with all the usual performance and reliability you can expect from Collingwood downlights, you can fit-and-forget with confidence.

To find out more about the H2 Lite T, click here or call our team on 01604 495151.