H6 Lite - the new Essentially Collingwood commercial LED downlight


Collingwood Lighting’s latest LED lighting solution is the new H6 Lite.

With a wide beam angle of 100° and a large output of over 3000 lumens, this luminaire provides a broad, powerful and consistent spread of light, ideal for large commercial spaces with above average ceiling heights.

Plus, it emits more light than 2 x 26W CFL fittings and is equivalent to an 100W AR111, with a greater efficacy of over 97lm/W. So not only does it boast better performance and a reassuring 5-year extended warranty, but it’s also light on energy consumption and bills.

To find out more about the H6 Lite and how and where it can be used, click here, call our team on 01604 495151 or email sales@collingwoodgroup.com.