Hamilton’s Hartland G2 - screwless push-to-fit upgrade at a screw-loose price!


This ‘Push-To-Fit’, easy to install face plate design delivers a screwless look, at a box-fit price! Now available in 11 standard finishes, including NEW Anthra Gray, plus it comes with a 25-year guarantee!


Now, more than ever, client budgets need to work harder, and Hamilton’s Hartland G2 collection was developed with that in mind. This screwless design delivers Hamilton quality and reliability for an unbelievable price! Perfect for high use areas within hotels, offices, or residential projects.

Innovative design

Thanks to a cleverly engineered clip, installation is easy and simply ‘Push-To-Fit’. Moreover, the patented clip is spot-welded to the faceplate for robustness and extra stability, ensuring the plate fits snuggly to the wall – no gaps, no shadowing, just style.

Easy plate removal

The face plate can be easily removed by inserting a screwdriver into a small cut-out at the bottom of the plate and simply twist – ideal for when the room needs redecorating.

Quality assured

Produced from pressed metal rather than cast delivers a significant reduction in manufacturing cost without compromising on either quality or finish.

Available in eleven on-trend finishes

Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Stainless, Etrium Bronze, Richmond Bronze, Black Nickel, Matt Black, Matt White – plus NEW Anthra Gray.

Easy to connect

The back of the socket is coloured bright yellow making it very easy to see colour coded terminals.

Faultless functionality

Hamilton offers vast configuration options, including Grid option with pre-engraved 20A double pole switches, EuroFix options, plus double sockets also equipped with two 2.4A USB outlets as standard, plus 4.8A Combined USB-A&C output ports for charging phones and tablets.

Choice of inserts

Inserts come in a choice of colours: White, Black, or a new on-trend Quartz Grey

Project perfect solutions

Meanwhile, the utmost in flexibility is offered with Hamilton’s Bespoke Design service. With the support of Hamilton’s design team, plates can be custom-made to meet any configuration or finish requirements

Flawless colour coordination

For those projects where a perfect colour match is required, Hartland G2 is now available using Hamilton’s Paintable service. Plates can be pre-painted to exactly match a wall paint colour or can be primed ready to paint on site.

25-year guarantee

The Hartland G2 collection also comes with a fit & forget 25-year product guarantee.

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