Introducing Brackenheath's LED Panels range



Intelligently designed, our new Brackenheath Backlit Panels offer the latest in LED technology providing a superior and efficient light output at a highly cost-effective price.

Offering both square and circular panel models, the range provides a complete solution for all types of commercial applications.

Beautiful, uniform lighting

Thanks to the light diffuser mounted to the back of the panel’s body, the diffuser allows downwards distribution from the modules themselves. Due to this direct light there is no requirement for a Light Guide Panel (LGP), eliminating the risk of discolouration of the panel which can be a common disadvantage in Edge-Lit Panels. This also allows the panel to offer an increased performance of up to 110Lm/W and a more uniform light distribution, resulting in a much more pleasing working environment.

Engineered to reduce glare

LED panels have progressively increased in lumen output over the years, which has made glare an issue in some workplace environments. The requirement to reduce glare has now become an important factor in ensuring the wellbeing of employees. Our Back-Lit Panels produce a smooth and even density of computer screen friendly light and feature a UGR<21 rated diffuser, which has been specifically engineered to reduce glare and meet the needs for the visual comfort in the workplace.

Flicker-free technology

Equally LED lights that flicker, even imperceptibly, can also make it harder to work in offices, causing headaches and eye fatigue. Light flicker occurs when the light reaches a frequency of below 100Hz (cycles per second), caused by fluctuating voltage and triggers the light to start flashing on and off repeatedly. Thanks to a special electronic control gear, our Panels benefit from flicker-free technology delivering a smooth regular voltage without the issue of flicker.

Versatile lighting

Brackenheath’s Backlit Square Panels come in a range of colour temperatures, 4000K for neutral daylight or 6000K for task lighting and where good visibility is required. Innovative CCT switching exclusive to the LED Circular Panel model, allows choice of colour control (3000K, 4000K and 6000K) from the integral switch feature. This makes the range incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of different applications.


Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple and the driver benefits from loop-in, loop-out terminals, simplifying the connection of multiple panels and reducing the need for the cost of additional wiring accessories. Featuring a slimline depth of just 30mm, panels can be easily installed in buildings where a lack of space is present between the ceiling and insulation.

Flexible application

To complete the range, a universal 3-hour Self-Test Emergency Pack option is available, compatible with both square and circular panels. With the ability to perform its own self-check, the Emergency Pack automatically ensures that the battery and lamp in each emergency light are fully operational, replacing the manual tests carried out on a monthly and annual basis. If a problem is detected by the self-test the system will display a visual warning.

Brackenheath’s LED panels are perfect for retro-fitting straight into existing ceiling grids with ease or as part of a refurbishment project or new build. Complete with a range of accessories, panels are suitable for recessed, suspension or surface mounting installations.

Quality assurance

Panels are delivered complete with an external ENEC approved driver, this ensures mains power is regulated and the driver has been tested for maximum safety and effective operation, in compliance with European standards (EN).

The Panel diffuser is TP(b) rated in compliance with BS EN12464-1, meeting testing standards and verifying their ability to withstand the application of heat and fire required by regulations, when mounted into the ceiling.

Teamed with its 5-year guarantee (3-year for Round Panels) and economic lifetime, our Panel range offers security to the contractor and end user.

For more information on this range, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or speak with a member of our sales team on 01582 544 544 who will be pleased to receive your call.