Discover the Latest Additions to the nVent CADDY non-continuous Cable Management Solutions


nVent CADDY is introducing two versions of multi-cable snap clips for cables on concrete structures – the QSC Multi-Cable Clip for Pin Drivers (QSC) and the QSC Multi-Cable Clip (QSC4).


The direct fastening version (QSC) allows contractors to install cable support in seconds, using a variety of gas- & battery-actuated nail guns. The QSC4 can be easily installed using low-profile anchors, such as the nVent CADDY Light-Duty Push-In Anchor


Both clips are designed to securely fix and support up to 4 cables onto concrete walls, ceilings and other flat surfaces. They also benefit from nVent CADDY Armour superior corrosion protection that passed a 1,000h salt-spray test per ASTM B117/ EN ISO 9227 and makes them up to 10 times more corrosion-resistant than other spring steel fasteners on the market. 

Like all nVent CADDY Spring Steel Fasteners, these multi-cable snap clips continue to improve user experience and benefit customers by providing them with premium fastening solutions that focus on simplicity, safety and efficiency.

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