Lynxus Wireless Controls Now Available from NET LED



NET LED is pleased to introduce Lynxus wireless controls to its range of LED lighting controls, NET LED has been chosen by Lynxus as their distribution partner for the UK electrical wholesale market.

As NET LED continues to add more innovative brands to its product range, electrical wholesalers and their customers will benefit from a growing choice of high quality LED lighting products.

Lynxus wireless controls manage and automate light levels in a room, warehouse or entire building. Communication modules are attached to each luminaire, which connect wirelessly to the Area Controller: a central hub from which light levels are controlled.

Microwave and daylight sensors can be added to the Lynxus system, which adjust the light according to motion and daylight levels, achieving significant energy savings as luminaires are only activated when necessary.

A tablet can then be used to control lighting, for example through dimming and scheduling. 

For added user comfort and control, a wireless switch can be installed with on/off and dimming options.

Using wireless controls significantly reduces the costs and complexity of conventional wired systems by eliminating the need for dedicated control wiring and minimising installation costs.

A lighting system using Lynxus wireless controls offers a simple and flexible way to achieve energy savings, without compromising user comfort or safety.

To find out more on how Lynxus controls can be incorporated into a lighting system, call the NET LED team on 01223 85105 or email sales@netled.co.uk.