NEW VSH Xpress Stainless 304


VSH Xpress

With the NEW VSH XPress Stainless 304, Aalberts integrated piping systems introduces a stainless steel press connection system. It consists of a complete range of stainless steel M-profile press fittings and tube, suitable for heating and cooling, where preventing the risk of corrosion is of great importance.

The VSH XPress Stainless 304 is a product range that consists of press fittings and tubes from 15 to 108 mm and offers a complete, high quality solution with maximum coverage of applications, in addition to our already extensive VSH Xpress product range. Being standard equipped with EPDM o-rings, the VSH XPress Stainless 304 range is particularly suitable for heating and cooling applications for residential buildings as well as commercial buildings but is also suitable for industrial applications. VSH XPress Stainless 304 products can also be used or solar installations and compressed air applications. With VSH XPress Satinless 304, we offer a complete stainless steel package. Together with VSH XPress Stainless 316, VSH SmartPress, VSH Shurjoint Stainless steel, VSH Tectite 316 Stainless steel, and various Stainless steel valves, Aalberts integrated piping systems offers the perfect solution for almost every stainless steel application.


  • an economical and high-quality VSH XPress Stainless steel system

  • an efficient and corrosion resistant solution for heating and cooling installations

  • can be used in combination with our existing VSH SudoXPress stainless steel tube 1.4301 (AISI304)

  • max. 16 bar operating pressure

  • EPDM o-ring suitable from -35°C to 135°C, 150°C short term

  • additional security with our Leak Before Pressed o-ring technology

  • existing VSH XPress press tools are suitable

  • fast, safe and secure connection technology, already proven in our VSH XPress range

  • fully compatible with other systems from Aalberts integrated piping systems

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