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Wylex has introduced a single module wide surge protection device for use in its extensive range of consumer units. Until now SPDs have been two modules wide and been awkward & difficult to wire & install. However, this new single module device not only saves space but also simplifies the installation process too.

Only Uses 1 Way in The Consumer Unit

Reducing the size of SPDs down to one module (from two) means that more outgoing ways are available in the consumer unit for final circuits, and it could allow smaller consumer units to be selected too. 

100A Rated

These new surge protection devices are fully rated for use on 100A consumer units and do not need any additional back up protection. Another space saving feature.

Direct Busbar Connection

Wylex single module SPDs connect directly onto the busbar (just like an MCB) and require fewer cable links than previous alternatives and this simplifies & speeds up the installation process.

Local & Remote Signalling

These Type 2 surge protection devices include volt free contacts for remote monitoring or signalling and have onboard local indication on the device too. 

No DIY Access

The replacement cartridges are securely locked into place and cannot be removed without use of a tool.

Certified & Compliant

The new miniature SPDs are designed, manufactured & tested to IEC EN61643-11 and certified as compliant by Intertek.


IET Wiring Regulations. 18th Edition Requirements

Transient overvoltage protection is required by the 18th Edition in the following situations:

Where the consequences of overvoltage to the electrical installation & the equipment connected to the installation costs more than the overvoltage protection (SPD)

Where the consequences of overvoltage could affect a large number of co-located individuals

Where the consequences of overvoltage could lead to serious injury and / or loss of human life

Where the consequences of overvoltage could lead to interruption of public services

Where the consequences of overvoltage could lead to interrupted commercial or industrial activity

Where the consequences of overvoltage could lead to damage to cultural heritage

In all other cases a risk assessment must be carried out in to determine whether overvoltage protection is required. Regulations 443.4 & 443.5 provide further detail.

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