Pick up your handy guide to Hamilton’s three core trade ranges – out now!



When it comes to on-the-job decision-making, there’s nothing quite like having all the information you need to hand, to help you and your customer make the right choice of decorative wiring accessories.

So, we’ve created individual guides to each of our three core trade ranges.

Available online and in printed form, these A5 guides are a handy size to stow away for quick and easy access on-site or to refer to on your mobile phone or laptop.

Hamilton’s trade ranges

Talking with contractors, three Hamilton ranges have proven popular choices, with budget and aesthetics being the main deciding factors between the three.

So, we’ve bought all the information you and your customer could need about Verve – our new white plastic range, Hartland & Sheer – our Box-Fix range and Hartland G2 and Sheer G2 – our trade screwless range, together in their own individual shortform brochures.



Verve: sometimes white...is just right!

Often, customers are looking for value and simple functionality over anything fancy and so our Verve white plastic range is the perfect choice.

With its subtly tapered top and bottom edges, it provides a slick, modern look, reflective of today’s contemporary interiors, plus all the functionality you’d expect – and more!

Download and save your copy of the Verve brochure.


newsBox-Fix: for on-budget metallic finish

For customers looking for that of-the-moment metallic finish but with price still a sensitive consideration, Hartland and Sheer are the go-for collections.

Both offering a quality contemporary design and finish, with the only compromise being the visible screw fixings.

Download and save your copy of our Box-Fix brochure



G2 Push-to-Fit Screwless: for faultless style

The Hamilton G2 Screwless range comprises of the Hartland G2 and Sheer G2. These designs come into their own in interior schemes where a minimalist aesthetic is desired.

And because these ranges are manufactured from sheet metal rather than cast – a much simpler manufacturing process, the pricing also remains competitive – making G2 an affordable screwless alternative to Box-Fix!

Download and save your copy of our G2 Push-to-Fit Screwless trade brochure



All the information you’re looking for...and more!

The instinctive layout of each brochure makes them the ideal tool for specifying and ordering products within the range.

With an introduction to each collection within the range, including EuroFix and GRID-IT options, followed by detailed listings of plate finishes and configurations, all identified by a unique product code, it’s the perfect on-the-job reference.

Pick up from your local electrical wholesaler

Printed copies of each brochure are available at designated Hamilton wholesale stockists, nationwide.

For more information, contact uksales@hamilton-litestat.com