New Product Weatherproof RCD Sockets & Spurs



The latest additions include weatherproof RCD sockets & spurs rated at 30mA passive.

The weatherproof 13A 2 gang socket outlet is mechanically latched, meaning there is no need to manually reset after a power loss, as are the 1 gang RCD spurs. If the power supply disconnects, via a power cut for example, when the supply is switched back on the RCD will revert to its original state. If the appliance is on, when the power reconnects the appliance will power up once the supply kicks in.

Both products have a red & green dual flag indication system to show power on or off as well as a test button which is recommended before use and a manual reset button if required.

These outdoor RCD sockets and spurs are ideal for domestic garden or outdoor appliances. The RCD function will continuous monitor the power supply to any appliances plugged into it and will cut off power instantly if an earth fault is detected.

For additional peace of mind when powering external devices ensure an RCD socket is installed, the built in protection will cut out the power supply when a fault in the supply is detected. This could include a power cable for your lawn mower or hedge cutter being cut or damaged.

The enclosures are IP66 rated when in use and protect against ingress of strong jets of water from any direct and dust/ small particles in harsh environment. For extra protection all 1 and 2 gang enclosures are padlockable.

These latest additions compliment a comprehensive range of outdoor weatherproof wiring accessories available now from M2 Electrical, all of which are covered by the standard M2 25 year guarantee.

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