NVC Lighting provides specialist advice



NVC has developed a range of brochures which provide helpful advice for lighting warehouses, schools & colleges, and offices.  As well as technical and product data, the brochures outline the issues that need to be overcome both in and around a range of buildings including potential hazards and suggest fittings from NVC’s extensive range of products that come with 7-year warranties which also covers emergency batteries.

With the number of UK transport and storage facilities growing massively (the ONS estimates over the last 2 years it has grown by 21% compared with an industry average of just 1%) NVC’s lighting for warehouses brochure will help you to make the most of this opportunity.

Schools and colleges, both public and private, continuously look to improve learning environment and NVC’s brochure for education facilities highlights the challenges and provides cost-effective, energy efficient solutions.

And as the commercial sector adapts to meet the requirements of the changing working world, NVC’s lighting for offices brochure outlines what sort of lighting is required in front and back office areas and suggests appropriate fittings.

The brochures can be downloaded from NVC’s website.