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Hush Pro, C-TEC’s innovative BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire alarm system, is safeguarding a stunning residential development in Milton Keynes.

Located directly above the city’s central railway station and costing over £350M to renovate, Station House has been transformed from a disused office building into a modern complex of 200 stylish glass fronted apartments.

Gallico Systems, a leading provider of fire safety services in East Anglia, were awarded the contract to equip the building with ultra-modern life-safety systems. The most important consideration from the client’s point of view was to provide the apartments not only with a superior level of fire protection but with a solution that would prevent false fire alarms - a common occurrence in residential buildings housing multiple occupants. Hence the specification of Hush Pro.

Specifically designed for flats, apartments and high-rise residential buildings, Hush Pro allows residents to test their own devices, be alerted to system faults and hush any false alarms at the hush button controller within their apartment. A fully monitored BS 5839-6 Grade C system, Hush Pro also integrates with the site’s BS 5839 part 1 landlord system to report any faults back to the fire panel and even allows management to remotely monitor the system.

In addition, its unique capacity to differentiate between Fire Level 1, usually a false alarm reported locally in the dwelling, and Fire Level 2, almost always a real alarm activated outside of the dwelling, reduces false fire alarms, unnecessary call-outs and the risk of a real fire alarm being ignored.

Paul French, Gallico’s MD said: “As a Grade C system, Hush Pro allows far greater control than any other fire system. If, for any reason, part of the domestic fire alarm is compromised, this is immediately be reported to the building management team to allow them to action the fault and reinstate full fire detection coverage to the flat to ensure the safety of the residents.

“The system has also been hugely effective in preventing false alarms. We also secured the ongoing maintenance of all the building’s fire systems and can say with absolute confidence that we have had no issues whatsoever.”

For more information, visit www.c-tec.com.

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