Carl Kammerling making the best slimmer


1Leading provider of quality hand tools, Carl Kammerling International, has extended its popular range of screwdrivers with the introduction of C.K dextroVDE Slim Screwdrivers, designed to provide quick and easy access to recessed screws and fixings.

Already named the number one screwdriver brand chosen by electricians, the new C.K dextroVDE Slim Screwdrivers feature a slim shaft, while retaining all the features electricians value from the dextroVDE range.

Featuring an ergonomically shaped handle for increased comfort, control and safety in use, and long-lasting, premium quality chrome vanadium steel blades providing exceptional strength and durability, the C.K dextroVDE Slim Screwdrivers’ new slim shaft, allows easy access to recessed screws and fixings without the need to remove insulation or compromise safety.

Individually tested to 10,000v, each screwdriver provides safe live working up to 1,000v offering electricians maximum safety, and the dynamic torsional feedback offered by the C.K dextroVDE Slim blades regulates over-torque by alleviating pressure normally fully applied to the tip, extending the life of the screwdriver.

Covering the most popular sizes, the C.K dextroVDE Slim Screwdrivers represent the culmination of a year of exciting product launches from Carl Kammerling International, with its experienced team of engineers responding to the evolving needs of the busy electrician.

Providing exceptional durability, the C.K dextro range of screwdrivers are capable of withstanding over 20nm of torque, exceeding the tip strength requirements of ISO international standards, providing a true test of strength and a real point of difference for users.

And unlike many screwdrivers, the improved dextroVDE Slim Screwdriver is not a ‘general purpose’ product but has been exclusively designed for electricians and the work that they do.

As suggested by its name, the dextroVDE Slim Screwdriver has been crafted purposely for the dexterity required in the nature of the work undertaken with a long, fine neck for ultimate fingertip control, while its slim shaft enables easy access to tight spaces. Its ergonomically shaped dual component handle, injection moulded directly to the blade, provides the ultimate bond for increased reliability and durability, and ridges along the head to give extra power in the last quarter turn.

For easy identification the entire dextrorangehas the tip type marked on the end of each handle, and anti-roll flats, which come in very useful when the screwdriver is put down on a sloped surface.

As with all Carl Kammerling’s extensive tool innovation, new products are designed as a direct result of the company’s long-standing collaboration with end users - before, during and after tool development. Working in partnership in this way ensures that Carl Kammerling is able to deliver tool solutions that are best suited to the actual work undertaken by professional tradesmen and are matched to each sector’s specific and unique requirements.