We have upgraded our economy 7 immersion water heater!


E7+ Closeup photo

 Our new E7+ is the latest version of our Electronic 7 hot water programmer. Designed to be the successor to both the Electronic 7 and Economy 7 Quartz, it is easy to install or retrofit. With the E7+ you can control one or two 3kW immersion heaters and simultaneously utilise off-peak electricity   tariffs to provide a full tank of hot water whenever required.

Key benefits of E7+:

  • Easy to install

  • Smart-capable

  • Saves you energy AND money

  • 7 years no quibble warranty

Easy to install

The E7+ is easy to install or retrofit. On newer installations, its compact interface makes it a simple fit, and the included adaptor plate makes retrofitting a simple matter of plug and play. This not only reduces the time needed to install, but also means it can be installed in more places, with ease.


E7+ can cater to any user. As simply a unit on the wall, it offers complete functionality. As well as that, the E7+ can be controlled by the Secure Bluetooth-enabled app within a property. For full smart control, an optional Wi-Fi adaptor can be inserted into the front of the device, this will turn the E7+ into a truly smart unit you can control from anywhere. Having the freedom to choose the level of smart that is suitable for the user makes the E7 + versatile and allows it to adapt with changing needs to provide maximum value.

Save energy AND money

The E7+ utilises off-peak electricity tariffs to provide hot water whenever required. This helps to save energy and money. The new mobile app also comes with the ability to monitor energy consumption. This shows the hours the most energy was used, and on which days, to help with better energy management, which can lead to further energy savings.

New E7+ hot water programmer

…There is more:

  • Full 7-day programming with up to 48 time periods *only via Wi-Fi and dynamic tariffs

  • Manual Boost button – ideal for 30 minutes, 1, or 2-hour top-up without changing the set programme.

  • Electronic on/off switch

  • Programmable boost-can be programmed so that it will heat only a small part of the tank at a set time each day

  • Tamper-proof Programme security feature for landlords

Secure is the only company to offer controls with this level of functionality and freedom. Simply choose whichever level of smart is suitable, and enjoy full use of the E7+, including a 7-year no quibble warranty.

To learn more about the E7+, or any of our other products, please visit our website here. If you would like to place an order or get in touch with us directly, please email sales_uk@securemeters.com.